Testing knowledge in economics

what is human capital?

what does the word "fiscal" means in economics terminiology?

what is inclusive growth?

what is dual economy?

what is viscous circle of poverty


there is wide scale knowledge in economics ranging from descriptive to practical..so my test is an oppurtunity to all those aspirant who have to face question on economics releating in bank ,civil service exam ,and various stae and central level exam...so all the wizi member can try it for brusing up and also learning economics in playway method Also, check out the best finance training for non-finance executives (C-cadre and business owners!) from Dr. Anil Lamba as well. Also, check out the Bloomberg Assessment Test Prep (BAT) from Shivgan Joshi as well.



b.op means balance of payement these are the books where trade is recorded
tot theses are terms of trade meaning rules and regulations in trade

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Sadaf Zohra

What is a difference between the B.OP and T.O.T

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