Current Affairs Test for Bank PO/ Clerical Exam : 8

Odontology is the study of—

Trafffic in human beings and forced labour has been prevented under—

Akbar proclaimed new religion Din-i-Ilahi in—

Which Sultanate ruler assumed the title Zille-Ilahi (Shadow of God) ?

The union government of India on 1 February 2012 gave the approval for setting up a National Council for Senior Citizens. It will be headed by the minister of____

Who established Nalanda (Buddhist) University ?

Who was the founder of Mimansa Darshan (Philosophy) ?

Kundgram is the birth place of—

Rishabhadeva was Jainism—

Alexander, the Great invaded India in—

Four Noble Truths are associated with—

The capital of Mahajanpad ‘Vatsa’ was—

The most worshipped God in later vedic period (1000 BC–600 BC) was—

Shailesh Rao, managing director (media & platforms) at Google’s Asia-Pacific operations, left the world’s biggest Internet search company to set up the international business of which of the following companies?

Which of the following banks filed a criminal complaint against Sterling Biotech, and its six directors, for allegedly defaulting on repayments on credit facilities provided by the public sector lender?

Which state run company signed an agreement with its trade unions for increase in the wages under which minimum guaranteed benefit would be 25% of gross?

Binani Industries, the holding company of Braj Binani group, cquired a Belgian fibreglass company for 275 million euros. The Belgian company is a leading manufacturer of fibreglass in Europe. Name the Belgian company.

Which electronic gadget maker predicting a fourth consecutive year of losses, named Kazuo Hirai as chief executive officer, replacing Howard Stringer?

Freedom fighter and one of the doyens of Indian diplomacy who was an architecht of of the 1971 Indo-Soviet Treaty passed away in New Delhi on 31 january 2012. Identify him.

As per the latest Sample registration System( SRS) bulletin, December 2011 released by the Registrar General of India(RGI), it is noted that Infant Mortality Rate(IMR) dropped further from __ to __ infant deaths per 1000 live births during 2010.


Test prepares a students for General knowledge questions for banking exams viz. Bank PO / Clerical Exams. Numerous Indian banks are conducting Bank Clerical Examinations and Bank PO exams and General knowledge and General Awareness forms a major part in almost all competitive examination, including bank tests. Here are some of the most commonly expected general knowledge questions and answers for Banking Exams.



first tirthankar is rishabdevji in jain

2722 days 13 hours 50 minutes ago


Vaishäli is the birthplace of Lord Mahavira right??

3098 days 9 hours 24 minutes ago


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