Green Pack: Consumer Society Online Test

When surveyed, which of these green issues are Europeans most willing to do?

Energy-saving bulbs consume how much energy compared to an ordinary bulb?

A pressure cooker uses 20 percent less energy than a conventional pot. True or false?

More than half of the citizens of Europe are willing to buy environmentally friendly products. True or false?

What percentage of Europeans are willing to avoid littering?

An Eco-label on a product shows that minimal harm is done to the environment in its production and use. True or false?

Which of the following encourages more environmentally friendly consumption and production?

Floor heating can reduce energy consumption by up to:

Which of the following questions should you ask yourself before throwing something away?

Which of the following practices could improve waste management at home?


Consumer tendencies are unlikely to improve in the years to come. However, more and more citizens are realising that consuming selectively and wasting less reduces pressure on the environment.

Citizens can exert a significant influence on different sectors of the economy when making their daily consumer choices at shops and supermarkets. Recent sociological statistics and surveys have shown that citizens' environmental awareness has risen in correlation with household incomes.

This test will help you to get new knowledge on consumer tendencies and check your habits.


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