Current Affairs Test for Bank PO/ Clerical Exam : 5

Which team has won the inaugural Hockey India Senior Women's National Championship?

India's first Coast Guard Academy would be set up in ___________

What is the name of the in-house magazine to be published by the Railways, to be distributed to the passengers?

Which of these countries has announced one billion US dollar aid for the reconstruction of Nalanda University?

Government is committed to retaining at least_________ ownership and management control of central public sector undertakings.

India asked which one of the following nations to bring in a national anti-piracy legislation for investigation and prosecution of suspected pirates?

India and Pakistan on 21 February 2012 agreed to extend the agreement to reduce the risk from accidents related to nuclear weapons for another___ years.

The largest (12.76 carat) rough pink diamond ever found in Australia was discovered in a West Australian mine owned by Rio Tinto. What was diamond named?

Delhi High Court on 23 February 2012 dismissed a plea from the Centre challenging Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal’s (TDSAT) authority to stop which of the following bodies from enforcing a ban on 3G roaming pacts between telcos?

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram inaugurated the the fourth and final regional hub of the National Security Guard (NSG) in which of the following places on 23 February 2012

GR Sufi has been chosen as the first Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of

Corporate affairs minister murli Deora in February 2011 favoured making if mandatory for the private sector to spend ______ of its profits on corporate social responsibility projects.

The environment ministry in February 2011 issued a notification banning the use of plastics for packaging ___________ products.

In a landmark move, which of these State governments has set up a Savarna Aayog, a commission to identify the deprived and underprivileged families among upper castes?

Which state in January 2011 allowed six iron ore mines to restart?

Who scored the first century in the Xth Cricket World Cup (2011)?

Legrand, the French electronic and digital equipments company on 9 February 2012 acquired the UPS business of which of the following Indian brand?

The Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari released a collection of poems titled LAVA in New Delhi. The poems were written by___.

Cognizant which on 13 February 2012 inked a 5-year deal with Future Group is a

Which of the following Indian Telecom company on 16 February 2012 got the RBI nod for FCCB redemption?


Test prepares a students for General knowledge questions for banking exams viz. Bank PO / Clerical Exams. Numerous Indian banks are conducting Bank Clerical Examinations and Bank PO exams and General knowledge and General Awareness forms a major part in almost all competitive examination, including bank tests. Here are some of the most commonly expected general knowledge questions and answers for Banking Exams.


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