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He tried to _______ the outcome.

I don't feel _____________; my stomach hurts.

He had an __________________ on the outcome.

The dancer was ______________ to go on stage.

The secret will remain ___________ you and me.

I'm going _________ the store.

He moved the desks ____________________ apart to avoid crowding.

_______ main use is as a spice grinder.

The _______________ man donated half o his estate to charity.

I put the collar right ________________.

______________ used mainly for grinding spices.

____________ are five prime numbers less than ten.

Cornelius was smarter ___________ Rocky.

Can I go ___________?

The dancer's performance is over ________________.

___________________ the four brothers, Aaron was the tallest.

____________________ 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 years old.

After __________________ throught, he chose to surrender.

He's walking _____ quickly.

I slept, and ________________ I woke up.

She ate ___________ pieces of pie.

_______________ dog has fleas.

"Already" means _____________________.

"Between" is used when something is shared by _______________________.

"Further" refers to ______________ or _____________.

"________" is the possessive form of "it".

"_______________" is a contraction of they are.

"All ready" means ____________________.

Too is a synonym of the word _____________.

__________________ is a number.

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This is a COMMONLY USED WORDS test. These words are often misspelled/misused. It is important to get them CORRECT.

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