General Knowledge Test for Bank PO/ Clerical Exam : 2

India joined United Nations in which year ?

In which year was Pondicherry annexed to independent India?

Which National Park in Kerala celebrates its 25th year of declaration as a national park in 2010?

Mount K2 is the

Orthography is the study of

5) Jai Javan Pension scheme initiated by

7) The Symbol of Balance Scale is

Author of “Lost Honour”

The basic part of the fiscal policy of a Government is

Official language of Nagalad is

My uncle is a person who speaks many languages (Use one word for the words underlined)

Main Chip of Computer is called

Abel Prize given the sphere of

Which is the most populated city in the world?

The winners of the FIFA World Cup Football 2010 is

Which country created history by conducting Cabinet meeting under sea in October 2009?

Who was the first Malayalee to be nominated to Rajya Sabha?

The launching date of Chandrayan I was __ ?

First five Year Plan was started in the year __ ?

Who was known as ‘Indian Napoleon’?


Test prepares a students for General knowledge questions for banking exams viz. Bank PO / Clerical Exams. Numerous Indian banks are conducting Bank Clerical Examinations and Bank PO exams and General knowledge and General Awareness forms a major part in almost all competitive examination, including bank tests. Here are some of the most commonly expected general knowledge questions and answers for Banking Exams.



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