Test about Science

What do you call to animals that have backbones?

Which of the following animals is a vertebrate?

In which classification of Vertebrate does the monkeys belong?

Which of the following animals belongs to Reptiles classification?

What classification of Vertebrates has the characteristic of giving birth to fully formed babies and female produce milk to feed their young.

Which of the following choices best describes Vertebrates?

Which of the following classification of Vertebrates are usually called cold-blooded because they can't regulate their body temperature.

Which of the following classifications of animals does not belong to Vertebrates?

Which of the following choices best differentiates Vertebrates and Invertebrates?

You saw a bird that fall from the sky and you discovered that it broke its wings.

What will you probably do?


this test will be given to grade 3 pupils..This is about vertebrate animals or animals with backbones, their classifications or types and their descriptions. This test will evaluate the student's learning about the subject matter and how they can use the knowledge they have in the real world situation.

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