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1. One of the principles contained in social ethics is

A man/woman of principles is one who possesses

Professional ethics is based on moral ethics and

The universal human values other than the ethical are

Speaking of religious ethics, it is correct to say that the basis of ethics is

Any person who is morally righteous is always free to judge or condemn one who is guilty of

Karl Marx, one of the fathers of communism says that religion is

A radical philosopher, Friedrich Neitzche says that, without God everything is possible. Moreover, we can go beyond the values of Christianity and other similar faith into the level of

The Golden Rule is based on

The classical principle necessarily starts from manmade or naturally endowed forms first apprehended by

By their very nature, values statements are

All experiences of beauty provide pleasure. All pleasures derived from beauty are universal in character. Therefore, all experiences od beauty are universal in character.

A good policy in art education is to expose children to things of beauty and

The possible outcomes of values education such as wholesome attitude, sound character, conscience efficacy, human dignity, personal integrity, and spiritual felicity make up the meaning of human development and/or

A person can also be ethically related himself as evidenced by the concepts of "word of honor", self-respect, and personal interity. This observation has given way to______.

Among others, personal ethics refers to courage, dependability, modesty, humility, loyalty and _______.

Upon the human rights rest the moral ethics of reverence for life tolerance, respect for person, justice, responsibility, altruism and________.

Moral ethics studies the concern of the person for the essential good of the other as equality desired by the former to________.

For environment ethics, the more prominent ones are conservation, care, restoration and ______

The values of family ethics are caring, service, faithfulness, gratitude, respect for parents and ______.


1. to make the reader aware of their responsibilities as created by God in his image and likeness to do good and exercised their being co-stewards of tGod's creation,
2. to enhance learning comprehension and helps them develop their abilities and skills using milti-intelligence.



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