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1. What do you call are those that form the past and the past participle by adding d or ed to the present?

2. A part of speech that express surprise, show emotion, or provide conversational transition in sentences.

3. ________ is the past participle of "lie"?

4. Interrogative pronouns are used to ask question. However, pointingor identifying nouns and can act as subjects or objects is called______?

5. "The congregation of St. Rafael's Parish has raised forty thousand pesos for the hungry people in Masbate". What word/ phrase belong to collective nouns?

6. "His ambition, to become a "doctor", has been fulfilled". Thos sentensce is an example of _______.

7. "Elena works on her novel everyday". Which word signifies repeated or habitual action?

8. Which sentence implies "complete predicate"?

9. Given the following gerund phrases, identify which denotes as object of a preposition.

10. "I will be reading in most of my courses". In what kind of tense is this belong?

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We would like to welcome you all to this online quiz. This quiz helps the viewer to check their vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension In this field of English. It also enrich your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. In addition, it provides or help you determine the tenses of the action you are performing everyday. So, what are you waiting for, start answering and enjoy. We hope you can answer the questions correctly and you can learn something out of it. Thank you and God Bless.

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