Software Testing Interview Question,

What is functional system testing ?

What is Alpha testing

What is Acceptance Testing?

What is Accessibility Testing?

What is Ad Hoc Testing?

What is Beta Testing?

What is Black Box Testing?

What is Monkey Testing?

What is Performance Testing?

What is Quality Assurance?

What is Quality Control?

What is Regression Testing?

What is Smoke Testing?

What is Testing?

What is Unit Testing?

What is Validation?

What is Verification?

What is White Box Testing?


This is Software testing interview question. its useful to all who want to Prepare for interview in Software testing.. i have make interview question for most of common which should be asked by company
so if you learn these question you can easly pass interview.
Best of luck.



Feedback given for Qn# 17 is wrong. The provided options are incorrect. Verification is not done at the end of SDLC.

1523 days 17 hours 38 minutes ago

Sandeep QA
Software Quality Assurance.

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