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1.) It is a group of related sentences joined together to develop one idea.

2.) The sentence of the paragraph that expresses this main idea is the _________, which is usually found at the beginning or ending of the paragraph.

3.) ________ is the other sentences in the paragraph that give facts, details and examples to support or develop the main idea.

4.) Which is not a qualities of a paragraph?

5.) _______ means making all the factors, details, information and examples deal with the main idea of the paragraph.

6.) What do call this devices which you can use to connect the ideas smoothly and logically?

7.) _______ is making the most important ideas stand out from the rest of the details.

8.) If the topic sentence is directly stated in the paragraph, it is an ___________.

9.) If the topic sentence is indirectly stated, it is an ____________.

10.) It is under coherence, which the event or action are arranged according to there sequence in time, it is called ______.

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This is an English subject..the questions are all related to the topic which is paragraph..
one of the important lesson for English majors are paragraph.this is were you are thought how to write paragraph properly, its importance and its used. A paragraph came from the Greek paragraphos, "to write beside" or "written beside.

Hope you learn something in this..
good luck!!



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