Biology Trivia Online Test

Which of the following has the longest recorded life span?

Which of the following has more bones?

Unlike most other fishes, shark have no ______________?

What living animal has the heaviest brain?

What is the gestation period of the hippopotamus?

Which of the following means "rain" when added to cloud's name?

How many brains did a Stegosaurus have?

When was the idea of the atom first introduced?

In 2004, what was discovered on the island of Flores in Indonesia?

What year boasted the first woman in space?


Be updated with the latest trivia in biology and have fun learning new techniques, invention and discovery. You will be interested in studying life. Gain more knowledge and have a great time enjoying some biology trivia. Biology is a challenging subject but students tends to hate it. Using some biology trivia as a game can trigger the interest of the student to learn more about biology, may you have great time answer the trivia's and be informed.


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