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Gevena is 10 more than twice as old as Jane, 5 years ago. What are their present ages if the sum of their ages now is 80?

if Carlo is twice as old as Jake. What are their ages if the sum of their age is 21?

The longest side of the triangle measures 6 less than twice as the longer side, and the longer side measures 1 more than twice as the shortest side. If the perimeter of the triangle is 46 meter, what are the dimensions of the triangle?

The ones digit of a two digit number is twice as the tens digit . If the sum of their numerical coeficient is 2 less than twice the ones digit, what is the number?

The ticket world distributes 2 kinds of tickets for incoming concert of True Sight Band.Tickets for regular viewers cost 10 pesos and the tickets for VIP viewers cost 25 pesos. If there are 790 people in the concert and the money earned from the tickets is 10,600 pesos. How many people buy regular tickets?180

What is the measure of angle that is compliment to a 45 degree angle?

How many ounces of pure alcohol must be added to 42 ounce solution containing 10% alcohol to make a solution of 40% alcohol?

The smallest of three consecutive integer is added to twice the largest , producing a result of five less than four times the middle integer.Find the smallest integer.

A number minus three is six times the number reduce by eighteen. Find the number.

In a right triangle, one angle measures eight times as the measure of the other angle. What are the measures of the three angle?


This test is created for the purpose of experiencing an online test making. It is an assignment from the subject Educ 26.

This test is created to everyone who can answer it but most especially to the critical math thinkers. It contains topics from geometry and other related topics. It comprises ten multiple type of questions.

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