Techno Sunday Assessment 1 Online Test

What happens when you press ALT and F4 at the same time?

If you followed our instructions, thanks. If you didn't then remember DO NOT attempt commands during the assessment.

What are the following: Opera, Google Chrome, Safari.

When browsing the internet, what happens when you press 'Ctrl' and 'T' keys at the same time?

If you are working on a Microsoft Word document, what happens when you press 'Ctrl' and 'Z' keys at the same time?

What are the following? Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS


TECHNOSUNDAY is a free outreach program aimed at equipping people with often-neglected skills useful for efficient, effective and friendly utilization of various technologies such as computers, the internet and mobile devices.

Topic areas shall include basic computer hardware, software & user-friendly tips; MS Office; internet (browsing, email, social media); mobile (devices, applications).

Please take this preliminary test to assess whether or not you should participate


Raman Deep Bains

thanks very much ,for this easy and simple test.

3115 days 14 hours 39 minutes ago

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