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it means the maintenace of equilibrium while stationary or while moving.

it refers to the ability to use the senses with the body parts to perform motor task smoothly and accurately.

it is the ability to perform a movement in a short period of time.

it is the ability to transfer energy into force at a fast rate.

it is the ability to rapidly and accurately change the direction of the movement of the entire body in space.

It means the range of motion available in a joint. it is affected by length, joint structure and other factors.

it is related to the ability of the muscles to repeatedly exert force.

It is the ability of the heart, blood vessels, blood and respiratory system to supply fuel and oxygen to the muscles and the abilty of the muscles to utilize fuel to allow sustained exercise.

it refers to the relative percentage of muscles, fats, bones and other tissues that comprise the body.

it is the ability of the muscles to exert an external force or to lift heavy weight.


good physical fitness.
physical fitness is a combination of several aspects rather than a single characteristic. a fit person possesses at least adequate levels of each of the health-related, skill-related and metabolic fitness components (lower risk of many chronic health problems). People who possess one aspect of physical fitness do not necessarily possess the other aspects.


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