Step Four Quiz - Using Transitions Online Test

Our house is a mess. The sink is full of dirty dishes. _______, there are cloths all over the floor.

The heater has stopped working. ___________ it is snowing and has become very cold outside.

First, dig a hole twice the size of the plant. _______ take the plant out of the pot and put it in the hole.

One method of learning vocabulary is to guess the meanings from the context of the paragraph. A ________ method is to use a vocabulary book and study one lesson a week.

Get up early in the morning, then put on your running shoes. __________warm up by doing some simple stretching exercises. Then begin your morning run. When you are finished, walk for a short time to cool off.

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Seven Steps to Better Reading Scores is an intermediate ESL course designed to prepare students for improved academic studies. Quiz Four tests a student's understanding of using transitions and paragraph organization.
For more information view Seven Steps Class 4.


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