TEST I. Give the Synonym of the word located at the last part of the sentence.

1. The television show is all about fantasy.

2. The girl who broke-up with his boyfriend committed suicide.

3. The war between the South Korea and North Korea is because of rebellion.

4. In today's generation, AIDS is the most contagious among the disease.

5. Because of the environmental phoenomenon, billions of structures are damage.

6. Why can't you just give the benefit of the doubt?

7. Blessed are those who repent for their sins.

8. Poverty is not a hindrance to success.

9. The humble Jeremy Lin is now a certified NBA superstar.

10. The reason of the poverty in the country is political crisis.

TEST II. Give the Antonyms of the word located at the last part of the sentence.

1. The cultural presentation is really full of wonder and awe.

2. She always reminded us that sleeping at noon enabled children to grow fast.

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In this test, you're going to meet new unique words. Finding the Synonyms and Antonyms is you're main goal. What is Synonyms? Synonyms are words with the same meaning. While on the other hand, Antonyms are words with opposite meaning. Ready for the test? Enjoy finding which word will be appropriate! Have fun! ;)


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