Basic of Computer Network Test

How many layers are there in OSI Model?

Which of the following Layer perform the Token Management Function?

In OSI Model Routing is performed by which of the following-

Repeater work at which Layer Of OSI Model?

Which of the following communication mode support two way traffic but only in one direction at a time?

whic of the following protocl is used to send email at transport layer of OSI model?

Which of the following communication line is best suited to intreactive processing system?

which of the following work on network layer

which of the folllowing is an example of the analog communicatio method?

which of the following layer does not belong to OSI model?

Protocl is a set of rules governing a time sequence of event whic take place between


This test contains the objective type questions of basic of computer network. Like OSI model and function of different Layer of OSI Model of computer network. I hope that this test help you in getting the basic knowledge of computer network. Answer of each question is given. You can check your score after attempting the test.


suneel verma

questions no.6 answer should be SMTP why you will tell tcp.

2022 days 5 hours 53 minutes ago

Thar Lay


2339 days 22 hours 58 minutes ago



3017 days 12 hours 1 minutes ago

Manoj Kumar
Teacher and Trainer in Computer Science and Engineering
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