Elementary Statistics Online Test

What is the most commonly used measure of central tendency?

It means the value of the middle observation in an ordered distribution

It is the sum of all given values or items in a distribution divided by the number of values or items summed.

It is the difference between the highest score and the lowest score.

It is the most commonly used measures of variability.

It measures the degree of peakedness or flatness of a distribution.

For nos.7-10:

A certain store had the following dailynumber of ready to wear clothing sold during a six day period: 60, 75, 32,85 and 79.

What is the mean or average deviation of the store's daily slaes?

What is the value of the 85th Percentile?

What is the quartile deviation?

What is the standard deviation of its daily sales?


Branch of mathematics dealing with gathering, analyzing, and making inferences from data. Originally associated with government data (e.g., census data), the subject now has applications in all the sciences. Statistical tools not only summarize past data through such indicators as the mean ( mean, median, and mode) and the standard deviation but can predict future events using frequency distribution functions. Statistics provides ways to design efficient experiments that eliminate time-consuming trial and error. Double-blind tests for polls, intelligence and aptitude tests, and medical, biological, and industrial experiments all benefit from statistical methods and theories. The results of all of them serve as predictors of future performance, though reliability varies. See also estimation; hypothesis testing; least squares method; probability theory; regression.
These questions involve only the fundamental lessons to be learned in a Statistics Class.Some questions are given a data good for more than 1 item.



There is a problem in your question no 7... you said 6 days data and given values are 5????

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