Quiz on sarf - level one - class 5 & 6 & 7 Online Test

letters in words are of how many types ?

kalimah is a word of three types in the Arabic usage and it is ______________________

the ism is a word which points out to one thing and it is the ______________

the fi'l points out to ___ things and it is the _____________ and the _____________

the times are three and ther are ______________, ____________ and ______________

the types of fi'l are three and they are _____________, ________ and ____________

the madhee can be used to express 2 things either ______________ or ____________

mudharee can be used for one thing which is ____________

what is the scale (al meezanus sarfiyy) used for ?

what does wieghing the words in sarf mean ?

the certain letters chose for the scale are __,__ and ___

the least you van find an ism or a fi'l in is ___


the quiz has been done by the classes conducted by brother fahad al tahiri .... these quizes have been made useful to us by checking ouselves before entering the following classes ... may Allah bless our dear brother fahad and all of us and raise us high in eeman and grant us jannathul firdous....

zaiba bint hashim
A Seeker of Knowledge and A bearer of AlQuraan
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