Lets GUESS Something Online Test

1. Madhuri Dixit's name in N Chandra's 'Tezaab' was...?

2. “A Diamond Is Forever” is the slogan of _____________

3. In which film did Aishwarya Rai pretended to play twins?

4. “The World's Online Market Place” is the slogan of _______________

5. From where does Veeru propose to Basanti in Sholay?

6. Which is India's first Colour film?

7. Which company is represented by the belowed logo?

8. Which company is represented by the belowed logo?

9. Who is she?????


11. Find out the name of the company from this image?

12. Who is the CEO of Microsoft India ?

13. Which company bought IBM PC division in 2005?

14. What is the national currency of Malaysia?

15. What is the name of the BPO arm of IT major Satyam Computer Services Limited?


This will be a funny puzzle.
It will include some hits about any person or company....
and you have to give the correct answer.


Let's try.... something interesting...............

best of luck

jasleen Kaur
Jasleen Kaur@IET Bhaddal Technical Campus,Ropar
Tests: 5

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