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1. Name the prophet who fought and won against Baal idolatry in miraculous way at Mount Carmel.

2. King David was always advised by prophet _________.

3. _________ anointed Saul as King. Some called him prophet, others seer.

4. ___________ was sent by God to the City of Nineveh, but he disobeyed God and sailed instead to another place.

5. He was Elijah's disciple who received from him his mantle and double portion of his prophetic spirit.

6. Who wrote the so-called "Emmanuel prophesies"?

7. This prophet wrote the "vision of the dry bones" that became covered with sinews, flesh, and skin, and came into life.

8. While in Egypt, he interpreted the dream of the Pharaoh. This gained for him the title 'governor of the whole Egypt'.

9. In retrojection, the title 'prophet' was given to him. The Israelites consider him the head of all prophets and attribute to him the inspiration which brought Israel out of Egypt.

10. In the New Testament, Jesus hinted rather strongly that this man was the prophet precursor.


This is a Bible Quiz about The Prophets in the Old Testament that can be found in the Holy Scriptures. This is done and published to help you understand and know the different prophets and the significant roles they have had made. There are two kinds of prophets; the major and minor prophets. Prophets were instruments of God. Some were faithful but some were not. Some are honored and some are not because of unfaithfulness to God's command.

Hence, this test will widen our knowledge to understand and identify who really are these prophets.

Above all, we will be able to understand that along the way these people also have sinned yet they were forgiven by God. This is how great the love of the Lord for us all. He is willing to love us and accept our failings even if many times we have and remained unfaithful to His commands.


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