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A child pulls a toy car weighing 0.20 kg across a smooth floor by means of a string attached to it. If the string makes an angle of 60° to the floor and the child pulls with a force of 2.0 N, then the amount of work he does in pulling the car a distance of 5.0 m is...?

The note middle C played on a piano always differs from middle C played on a violin because of a difference in.

chromatic aberration of a lens is caused by.

The molar gas constant is the same for all gases because, at the same pressure and temperature, equal volumes of gases have the same.

In a nuclear fission reactor, graphite is often used for.


Based on your class 11th and 12th education. Basic knowledge on the subject will help you attempt the questions. Just have confidence in your ownself and attempt the test. Even if you are not prepared it will help you realise that its HIGH TIME YOU START STUDYING..!!!


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And I thought I coulda done it all!!

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give sol. for que. 1

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