Digital Circuits Online Test

which of the following is true for the functions given below

F1= A'B'C+A'BC+AB'


binary equivalent of gray code (10110010) is

simplify the given function f(x,y,z)=?m(0,2,3,4,5,7)

An n bit Gray code can be obtained by reflecting an

octal equivalent Hexa Decimal AFAFAF is

9's complement of decimal number 546 is

Decimal digits can be converted to binary format using

Device that changes parallel data to serial data is

The boolean expression A+AB+AB'C is depends on

Any combinational circuit can be built using

1) NAND 2) NOR 3) OR 4)AND 5)Multiplexer 6)Ex OR

which of these are correct

pick out the code from the following which is not a self complementing code

A full adder can be implemented with half adder and OR gates. A 4 bit parallel full adder with out any intial carry requires

BCD to seven segment display circuit is a

simplify the boolean function Y=A+A'B?

IC number of OR gate?


The test is about the basics of some digital circuits and their applications.Boolean algebra, minimization of Boolean functions; logic gates; digital IC families (DTL,
TTL, ECL, MOS, CMOS). Combinatorial circuits: arithmetic circuits, code converters,
multiplexers, decoders, PROMs and PLAs.



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