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The ENTIRE community was against the construction of a new expressway through the downtown area of the city. (The underlined word means "all, everything" ___T ___F)

To be successful on today’s housing market, you have to do something to DISTINGUISH your home. (The underlined word implies "set something apart." ___T ___F)

The owner ADMITTED that the appliances in the house were old and probably needed to be replaced. (The underlined word means: hide, conceal, cover up. ___T ___F)

The housing market has been cooling off, but some think that there will be a SHIFT in the coming year. (The capitalized word can be replaced with "change of direction." ___T ___F)

The meeting was not going well, so June SUGGESTED that they continue the discussion at next week’s meeting. (The capitalized word means the same as decided. ___T ___F)

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Can you understand the WORD from the context? Take this short quiz to test your understanding of academic words. It is easy to use your edictionary and get a translation of an unknown word. Instead of using an edictionary this time, challenge yourself by guessing at the meanings from the context of the sentence.



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