CAT Maths Coordinate Geometry Online Test

Through a point A on the x-axis a straight line is drawn parallel to y-axis so as to meet the pair of the straight lines ax2 + 2hxy + by2 = 0 in B & C. If AB = BC, then

Instead of walking along two adjacent sides of a rectangular field, a boy took a short cut along the diagonal and saves a distance equal to half the longer side. Then the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side is

Period of cot 3 x – cos (4x + 3) is:

If sin (A + B + C) = 1, tan (A – B) =1/sqrt(3) , sec(A + C) = 2, then

A rectangular floor is fully covered with square tiles of identical size. The tiles on the edges are white and the tiles in the interior are red. The number of white tiles is the same as the number of red tiles. A possible value of the number of tiles along one edge of the floor is

(sin 3x + sin 5x + sin 7x + sin 9x)/(cos 3x + cos 5x + cos 7x + cos 9x) = ?

The corners of an equilateral triangle of side 10cm each are cut to form a regular hexagon. The area of the hexagon is:

If a boat travels North for 5 miles then East for 12, then Southeast for 6, approximately how far is it from its starting point?

ABCDEF is a regular hexagon of side a. P is a point inside the hexagon. If PG, PH, PI, PJ, PK, PLare drawn perpendicular to the sides AB, BC, CD, DE, EF, FA, respectively, then the value ofPG + PH + PI + PJ + PK + PL is equal to

If a rectangle whose length is 9 times its width is modified so that its area is doubled but its perimeter is kept constant, what is the ratio of length to width for the new rectangle?

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Mathematics - Coordinate Geometry Test for CAT Exam preparation. This is a short test with questions from previous CAT papers or questions similar to being asked in previous CAT question papers. For more such tests, visit us at . For updates on new tests follow us on twitter. Test on our site follows actual CAT scoring (marking) format.

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