CAT Maths Number System - Revised Online Test

For any natural number n, n^4+n^2+1 is

Given 3 consecutive whole numbers, which of the following statements is/are true?I. Two of the numbers are evenII. One of the numbers is divisible by 3III. The sum of numbers is never divisible by 5

How many numbers divisible by each of the numbers 21, 36, 66 are less than 10,000?

How many even integers n, where 100 < n < 200, are divisible neither by seven nor by nine?

If x is a number satisfying 2 < x < 3 and y is such that 7 < y < 8, which of the following expressions will have the largest value ?

Find out the L.C.M. of 4^5, 4^(–81), 4^12 and 4^7.

If x, y and z are integers and (xy)^½ = z then

A positive whole number M less than 100 is represented in base 2 notation, base 3 notation, and base 5 notation. It is found that in all three cases the last digit is 1, while in exactly two out of the three cases the leading digit is 1. Then M equals

A man is going to a car auction. All purchases must be paid for in cash. He goes to the bank and draws out Rs. 25,000. Since the man does not want to be seen carrying that much money, he places it in 15 envelopes numbered 1 through 15 such that he could count any amount from 1 to 25000 using combinations of some envelopes. Each envelope contains the least number of bills possible of any available currency. (for example, no two tens instead of a twenty). The possible currency denominations are 1,2,5,10, 20, 50 and 100. At the auction he makes a successful bid of Rs. 8322 for a car. He hands the auctioneer envelopes 2, 8, and 14. After opening the envelopes the auctioneer finds exactly the right amount. How many ones (one rupee notes) did the auctioneer find in the envelopes.

A man has 7 friends. The 1st visits him every night, the 2nd every 2nd night, the 3rd every 3rd night, the 4th every 4th night and so on. After how many days, do all the friends meet together?

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Mathematics - Number System Test for CAT Exam preparation. This is a short test with questions from previous CAT papers or questions similar to being asked in previous CAT question papers. For more such tests, visit us at . Test on our site follows actual CAT scoring (marking) format.



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