Tally Erp.9 Online Test 2

If u want to Transfer u r stock so Which Voucher u ll be Used ?

Indirect Expenses is Not Effected to Net Profit ?

If Opening Stock is Rs.25 & Purchase A/c is Rs.100 & Indirect Expenses is Rs.10 & Sale A/c is Rs.120 & Closeing Stock is Rs. 10

So How much u r Gross Profit ?

If u Sale a Material in Credit So u r Party which u sold Material His Group is ?

If u r Purchase bill included Transport Fright on Material

So In Purchase Bill Which Group u will be choose for Transport Fright Exp A/c ?

If u Paid Adv Tax Rs.10000 in Cash which account u ll be debited ?

If u want to Deposite Rs 25000 in ur Bank A/c Which Voucher Types u ll be Used ?

How to Create a Voucher Types ?

If Your Bank A/c is Cash Credit So Which Group u ll be taken ?

How to Create a Single Ledger ?

Which Voucher Types use for Transfer of Stock Material in Manufacturing ?

If you have Cash Credit A/c in State Bank of India

Opening Balance of Bank is = 192563 Cr

then withdrawal Rs 15362 & deposite Chq of Rs. 26343

Chq is is Cleared same day Clearing Charges is Rs. 24

So What is the Closeing Balance of A/c ?

If you have Cash Credit A/c in State Bank of India

so Which Group you will be Choose for Creating a Ledger ?

If Your Gross Profit = 1545632 & Indirect Expenses = 756890 Indirect Income = 3450

So What is Your Net Profit ?

If Your Opening Stock = 1432 Purchase A/c = 2634 Indirect Exp = 244 Sale Account = 5687 Closeing Stock = 784

Direct Exp = 19

So What is Your Gross Profit ? (GP)

Cash-in-hand is the Ledger of ___________________ Sub Group ?

If you paid insurance Exp Rs.8930 for one year in month of Jan so What is your Pre Paid Insurance Amount will be Debited ?


This Tally ERP.9 Online Test by Manoj Sakhare from Degloor Dist. Nanded MH
A question and the possible answer choices appear. Select the choice you find to be the correct answer of the question. Clicking on a choice saves it as your answer for the question.
Use Next and Back buttons to move on to the next or previous question in the test.
There is no negative marking for wrong choices selected.
After you finish the test, click on the End Test button to submit your test and see your scorecard.
You can review your answer also.


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8.1 score

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Manoj Singh Negi

sir, how can reactivate tally with out surrender tally

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can u teaching me perfect accounting

2917 days 22 hours 44 minutes ago

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