A Quiz for Teacher-trainees,Teachers and Teacher-educators Online Test

Education, taken from parents, peers, society may be known as;

Education for 3 R's includes

Formal education can be taken from;

The branch of philosophy, which deals with existance and reality is known as;

Rousseau was the exponent of;

Rabindranath got Noble prize on his unique writing entitled

‘Education is a tri-polar process’ having its three poles;

Mahatma Gandhi's way of life was influenced by;

What do you say about Emile?

Which of the following schools of thought is taken as more a philosophical method than a philosophy.


This quiz assesses the knowledge of a person (Teacher-trainees,Teachers and Teacher-educators) on Educational Philosophy. It includes the questions regarding Indian as well as Western concept of education. There is no any condition for the eligibility of a person to take this test. Any one who is willing to take the test can take it.



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