Revision Test : Arabic Lessons

The words which follow the rule of Mamnoo' Min as-Sarf, does not have:

In the sentence : - We are in the houses :

"Genitive Case" in the case of Female Proper Names, is denoted by a:

Is this sentence grammatically correct or incorrect :

Which of the below given options are the correct he vowel markings in the last letters of each word in the sentence:

The Translation of

is :

Translate into Arabic: "These pens are in the class and they are from a school far away."

There are 3 basic Cases of Nouns in Arabic. However, the default case of the nouns is:


This is the Revision Test on the topics we have covered so far in the Arabic Lessons.

Till now we have done till Lesson 5, Alhamdulillaah. You can access these lessons from here:

These lessons are presented by students doing their BA in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University.



Fatihin Nurul undangan pernikahan undangan pernikahan Masker kefir more

1630 days 20 hours 59 minutes ago

Fatihin Nurul

''Daerah sentra bawang, di Tegal, Brebes itu juga kebanjiran, sayur mayur terutama cabe dan bawang merah ini

1809 days 1 hours 46 minutes ago

Fatihin Nurul

''Sentra-sentra komoditi, terutama padi yang kemarin tingkat banjirnya sampai 41 kecamatan di Banten, yang padinya mau masak, kebanjiran

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