Ctech Networking Online Test

A router operates on the _______ layer of the OSI model.

What multi-port device connects network segments and allows full bandwidth on all ports?

IP numbers are assigned to _______ devices.

Name one protocols in the TCP/IP suite that function at the Transport layer of the OSI model.

What is the default subnet mask for a class A address?

UDP is:

Which transport layer protocol can be validated using FTP?

Two devices on a LAN are unable to communicate. What common IP addressing problems should be investigated first?

What layer of the OSI model would be concerned with network applications such as Telnet and FTP?

What protocol is used between E-Mail servers?

The unique number stamped onto every NIC card ever produced is known as a/an ________.

Which of the following protocols does PING use?

What protocol is used on the Internet to upload e-mail to a mail server?

Which TCP/IP protocol is used by e-mail clients to download mail from mail servers?

What type of network is composed of a number of computers that connect to a central computer for file storage, printing, and shared applications

What simple utility can you use to see if a TCP/IP device is active?

Profiles and policies are useful mostly as:

You install File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.You share a folder and leave the password option blank.Who can gain access to the folder

The figure below shows a typical Home Network Setup.Identify the network components marked in red.

You are the LAN administrator for your company.You have couple Windows 2000 Professional clients that dial in via PPP to the company network’s RAS server.You want the remote clients to be assigned dynamic IP addresses.You reserve a pool of class B addresses for these clients.Upon connecting, you find that the Windows 2000 computers are using a subnet mask of all 255s.What should you do?

Which of the following is considered a Network Attached Storage device

What protocol is used between E-Mail servers

Which of the following OSI layers is responsible for identifying communications partners?

What is a router

Which of the following is Class C IP address?

A Windows 95 user complains that she cannot connect to any other computers on her local subnet even when using the IP address to communicate.However, she can ping and receive a reply.Other users on her subnet do not report having any trouble.All client computers on the network are WINS-enabled.What is the most probable cause of the problem?

Which type of connector does a 10BaseT Ethernet cable use?

What is the default subnet mask for Class C network?

Both TCP and UDP belong to which layer of the OSI model?

UDP offers which of the following benefits relative to TCP?

TCP offers which of the following benefits relative to UDP?

Which OSI protocol layer does a repeater correspond to?

Which OSI protocol layer does a Local Area Network correspond to?

What is the Protocol Data Unit (PDU) employed at the Physical Layer?

How many layers are there in the OSI model?

What does the acronym OSI stand for?

There are seven layers in the OSI model. Which of the following is the correct order?

* All People Seem To Need Data Processing

At which layer of the OSI model is a path decision made based upon an IP address?

Which of the following takes place at the presentation layer?

What is the 1st layer of the OSI model?

*Top to bottom

What is the maximum speed of 10Base5 Ethernet cable?

Which of the following TCP/IP protocols is used to communicate between a Web Browser and a Web Server?

While reviewing the security logs for your server, you notice that a user on the Internet has attempted to access your internal mail server.Although it appears that the user's attempts were unsuccessful, you are still very concerned about the possibility that your systems may be compromised.Which of the following solutions are you most likely to implement?

You have just finished the installation of two computers on a 28 computer network using Novell's IPX/SPX.Both computers initialize with no error messages yet they cannot contact other computers on the network.All other computers are functioning normally.You probably have an ___?

Uses amplifiers to regenerate analog signals?

You are hired to investigate a slow performing network server for a client.Using the performance monitor you obtain the following readings: CPU usage= 25%, Disk time= 25%, Page faults/sec= 25.What one change will increase the performance of this network server the most?

Which of the following should you check if you can connect using the IP address but NOT with the host name?

The two key components of a digital signature include the secure hash algorithm and a ___ ?

Utility used to run applications on a computer at a remote location?

Topology that offers the highest level of redundancy, is easy to troubleshoot but is expensive to install.It is the topology of the internet?

Ordinary telephone wire has a thickness of AWG 22.Of the following which is the thickest wire?

A large network with 500 users notice that at specific times in the morning and afternoon network congestion ties up their computers.What is the most likely cause?

OSI layer responsible for mail and file transfers?

Toplology which is the least expensive to install?

Utility which can be used to identify bottlenecks in the network?

The source and destination addresses are stored in the ___ of a packet?

Organization responsible for the OSI model?

Which topology uses the least amount of cabling?

Network connection device that is capable of sending packets along multiple paths depending on which path is the most efficient?

The OSI layer responsible for name recognition, security logins, and synchronization of the connection?

Has twenty-four 64 Kbps channels for a total of 1.544 Mbps throughput?

The most widely used protocol?

Used to connect different media types but cannot filter or segment traffic?

OSI layer that determines whether the transmission is a full or half-duplex transfer?

Cable type that offers the least resistance to EMI?

Port ___ is assigned to the SMTP?

The initial formation of the packet header is started at this OSI level?

Which topology provides for equal access to the network for all computers?

How many bits are there in an IP address?

Resolves domain names into IP addresses?

The most common topology in use today among corporate users?

Identify the Topolgy

Identify the Topology

Identify the topology

Identify the Topology

Identify the Topology


This is a timed test that will measure your mastery of the material we went over this week. The test includes topics such as the OSI layer, various different internet protocol , etc. Good luck, relax and choose your answers carefully............................................................................................................................................................................


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