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56. *Which of the following is the only drug is found to be beneficial in halting the progression on EDSS in multiple sclerosis ? (new)

a. Glatiramer acetate

b. Interferon

c. Natalizumab

d. Methotrexate

55. * All of the following are approved for treatment of RRMS type of multiple sclerosis except (New)

a. IF- B1a

b. IF-B1b

c. Glatiramer acetate

d. Mycophenolate

* Brinzolamide is (New)

Highly specific – irreversible – noncompetitive – Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

Highly specific – irreversible – competitive – Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

Highly specific – reversible – competitive – Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

Highly specific – reversible – noncompetitive – Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

*lid retraction is seen in (NEW)





*Most recent oral DTI used for prevention of acute stroke (NEW)





*Bremelanotide is used for (NEW)

Erectile dysfunction


Hormone resistant prostate cancer

Metastatic RCC

*Commonest cause of periumbilical pain after 30min of TURP done under spinal anesthesia with Bupivacaine

a) Meteorism

b) Perforation of bladder

c) Recovery from bupivacaine anaesthesia

d) Mesentery artery ischemia

*After 5 days of birth. baby developed poor feeding. convulsions. fever with low protein low sugar and high chloride (in CSF) is most likely due to -

a. Listeria monocytogenes

b. Mycoplasma pneumoniae

c. T.B.

d. Leptospira

*A child with fever and sore throat developed acute cervical lymphadenopathy most likely investigation to be done is -

a. Open biopsy of node

b. Radical neck dissection

c. Neck X-ray

d. Complete hemogram

*A girl of 8 years suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea for last 2 days when pinched on abdomen. skin goes within seconds. she is most likely to be suffering from :

a. No dehydration

b. Some dehydration

c. Severe dehydration

d. Skin turgor cannot be commented

*All are correctly matched. EXCEPT

a. CA ovary -CA 125

b. Choriocarcinoma-CEA

c. Prostatic carcinoma-PSA

d. Meig’s syndrorne-HCG

following is False regarding H.Pylori infection

a. With chronic infection urea se breath test becomes negative

b. H.Pylori infection remain lifelong if untreated

c. Endoscopy is diagnostic .

d. Toxigenic strains usually causes ulcer


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