GK 2011 Online Test

1. 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner/s

2 . 26th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration given to

3. Current Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

4. Which country is not a member of BRICS

5. According to Census 2011 preliminary Data released. Which state in India has highest Overall Sex Ratio (male to female)

6. The Pulitzer Prize is given in the field of

7. DRDO was established in

8. The capital of Egypt is

9. India has joined the United Nations in this year

10. The smallest planet in the solor system

11. The Isotope of Uranium used in Atomic Reactors is

12. Nokia, the name of a mobile giant company orignally is a

13. The highest peak of India is

14. The first Indian President who was invited to address the European Parliament

15. The BSE Index SENSEX reaches the highest ever in this year

16. The New Delhi has declared as India's New Capital in the year

17. Chilka lake region is a delta between these two rivers

18. Ashwini Ponappa plays

19. The Chemical Name of Water is

20. ICC cricket player of the year 2011


In my last test i made a mistake i select the wrong capital of france. Sorry for that. It was by mistake. You know i couldn't fix it because you can change it after publishing.

I saw many guys n girls request me to post new test on GK so here is the new one. If you like my test then join me on twitter or on skype. you can see link in my profile. Visit my blog aasaanway.blogspot.com


Pankhuri Karn

i have confusion on maximum duration of zero hour in lok sabha.. please clarify..

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