Chemistry Atomic structure test

Discharge tube experiment is carried at

Relative charge of a proton

Which of the following explains the sequence of filling electrons in diffrent sub shells

If the electrons fall from n=3 to n=2, in H atom then emitted energy is

The longest wavelength in Balmer series is

Which of the following quantumm numbers is not derived from Schrodingers wave equation

The P.E. of the electron present in ground state of Li+2 ion is represented as

Which of the following has maximum number of unpaired electrons

Iso-electronic species is
The nitride ion in lithium nitride is composed of
7 protons + 10 electrons
10 protons + 10 electrons
7 protons + 7 protons
10 protons + 7 electrons
The (-particle scattering experiment of Rutherford concluded that
The nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons
The number of electrons is exactly equal to number of protons in atom
The positive charge of the atom is concentrated in a very small space
Electrons occupy discrete energy levels

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i need explanation for question 7

2224 days 23 hours 10 minutes ago


explain ans of qies no.7

2239 days 14 hours 12 minutes ago

Magreat K

hai thees questions are very useful but we want questions in other subjects too like english and logic/quantitative. thank you for providing this for us.

2554 days 14 hours 50 minutes ago


useful set of questions thanku

2958 days 11 hours 42 minutes ago

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