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For the reaction  if  the value of  would be ____.
The rate of a reaction is doubled for every  rise in temperature. The increase in reaction rate as a result of temperature rise from  to  is ____.
Which of the following statements is false in relation to enzyme?
pH affects their functioning
Temperature affects their functioning
They always increase activation energy
Their reactions are specific
The rate of a reaction that not involves gases is not dependent on ____.
The rate at which a substance reacts depends on its ____.
Atomic weight
Equivalent weight
Molecular weight
Active mass
For reaction  products, the active mass of B is kept constant and that of A is doubled. The rate of reaction wills then ____.
Increase 2 times
Increase 4 times
Decrease 2 times
Decrease 4 times
The term  in a rate equation refers to the ____.
Concentration of the reactant
Decrease in concentration of the reactant with time
Increase in concentration of the reactant with time
Velocity constant of the reaction
For the reaction system  volume is suddenly produced to half its value by increasing the pressure on it. If the reaction is of first order with respect to  and second order with respect to, the rate of reaction will ____.
Diminish to one fourth of its initial value
Diminish to one eighth of its initial value
Increase to eight times of its initial value
Increase to four times of its initial value
In a first order reaction, the concentration of the reactant decreases from 0.8 M to 0.4 M in 15 minutes. The time taken for the concentration to change from 0.1 M to 0.025 M is ____.
7.5 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
60 minutes
Decay of 92U235 is ____ order reaction.
After how many seconds will the concentration of the reactants in a first order reaction be halved, if the decay constant is?
100 s
200 s
400 s
600 s
75% of a first order reaction is completed in 30 minutes. What is the time required for 93.75% of the reaction (in minutes)?
For a chemical reaction ____can never be a fraction.
Rate constant
The thermal decomposition of a compound is of first order. If a sample of the compound decomposes 50% in 120 minutes, in what time will it undergo 90% decomposition ____.
Nearly 240 minutes
Nearly 480 minutes
Nearly 450 minutes
Nearly 400 minutes
The order of the reaction occurring by following mechanism should be (i)  (fast) (ii)  (slow) (iii)  (Fast) ____.
None of the above
400 s
600 s
800 s
1200 s
Decomposition of nitrogen pent oxide is known to be a first order reaction 75 percent of the oxide had decomposed in the first 24 minutes. At the end of an hour, after the start of the reaction, the amount of oxide left is ____.
About 1%
About 2%
About 3%
The alkaline hydrolysis of ethyl acetate is represented by the equation  Experimentally it is found that for this reaction  Then the reaction is ____.
Bimolecular and of first order
Bimolecular and of second order
Which of the following statements regarding the molecularity of a reaction is wrong?
It is the number of molecules of the reactants taking part in a single step chemical reaction
It is calculated from the reaction mechanism
It may be either a whole number or fractional
It depends on the rate determining step in the reaction
The rates of a certain reaction (dc/dt) at different times are as follows Time Rate (mole litre–1 s –1 ) 0  10  20  30  The reaction is ____.
Zero order
First order
Second order
Third order
The following data are for the decomposition of ammonium nitrate in aqueous solution Volume of  in cc Time (minutes) 6.25 10 9.50 15 11.42 20 13.65 25 35.05 Finally The order of the reaction is ____.
The order of a reaction which has the rate expression  is ____.
The velocity constant of a reaction is K. Which of the following statements is not true regarding K?
K is a constant for a reaction at a given temperature
The value of K changes when the temperature changes
K is the velocity of the reaction at unit concentrations of the reactant
K is a constant for all reactions
Which of the following plots is in accordance with the Arrhenius equation?
Collision theory is applicable to ____.
First order reactions
Zero order reactions
Bimolecular reactions
Intra molecular reactions
A graph plotted between log K vs 1/T for calculating activation energy is shown by ____.
An endothermic reaction with high activation energy for the forward reaction is given by the diagram: ____.
The minimum energy a molecule should possess in order to enter into a fruitful collision is known as ____.
Reaction energy
Collision energy
Activation energy
Threshold energy
Which of the following statements is not true according to collision theory of reaction rates?
Collision of molecules is a precondition for any reaction to occur
All collisions result in the formation of the products
Only activated collisions result in the formation of the products
Molecules which have acquired the energy of activation can collide effectively
According to the collision theory of chemical reactions ____.
A chemical reaction occurs with every molecular collision
Rate is directly proportional to the number of collisions per second
Reactions in the gas phase are always of zero order
Reaction rates are of the order of molecular speeds

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