Level 1 English : past simple tense Online Test

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

I ____________ to be a pilot when I was a child.

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

I _________ the computer yesterday.

Choose the best verb to complete the sentence.

We ______ dinner in a restaurant yesterday.

Choose the wrong sentence.

Choose the best words to complete the sentence.

____________________ because I was very tired.

Choose the correct sentence.

Choose the best answer to the question.

How did the interview go?

Choose the best question for the following answer.

I went to the cinema.

Choose the best way to finish the sentence.

She wanted to buy a new car but.......

Choose the best word to complete the question.

Where ______ you last night?

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This is a test for beginner students of English. The test focuses on the past simple tense. The students' can check if they know how to use correctly the past simple tense in positive, negative sentences and questions. Both regular and irregular verbs are included in this test.


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