Critical Reasoning for CAT Online Test

26. The latest movie by a certain director gets bad reviews before it opens in theatres. Consequently, very few people go to the movie and the director is given much less money to make his next movie, which is also unsuccessful. What can be inferred from this scenario?
A. This director makes terrible movies.
B. The general public does not pay attention to movie reviews.
C. The movie reviewers were right about the first movie.
D. Movie reviewers exert influence on the movie quality.
E. The director will not make another movie.
The most important determinant of success in life is education. Even children from broken or dysfunctional homes tend to establish themselves as solid citizens so long as they obtain a high school education. On the other hand, children who fail to earn a high school diploma are much less likely to avoid prison, welfare, or divorce. Which of the following statements most effectively strengthens the above argument?
A. A recent study demonstrated a link between education and lifetime earnings.
B. Most federal prisoners receive a high school diploma while incarcerated.
C. Research indicates that college graduates from abusive homes are more likely to be arrested.
D. Individuals with heart problems are more likely to have postgraduate education.
E. Children from functional homes are more likely to attend preschool.
(1) All A are B. (2) Some B are C. Which of the following is true?
A. All A are C
B. No A are C.
C. Some A are C.
D. No C are A.
E. None of the above.
Shakespeare is the greatest writer of all time. This is because he wrote the greatest plays, and the greatest writer is the one who composes the greatest works. Which of the following statements most effectively challenges the reasoning above?
A. This argument disproves its own premise.
B. This argument uses ambiguous language.
C. This argument assumes what it claims to prove.
D. This argument introduces irrelevant evidence.
E. This argument fails to make a clear claim.
In the 2000 local election, only 28% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 voted. In the 2004 local election, however, candidates made more of an effort to appeal to these younger voters, so turnout was slightly higher at 39%. Which of the following pieces of information weakens the above argument?
A. The candidates for city council were ages 55, 72, and 64.
B. The turnout among voters between the ages of 35 and 44 was 42% in 2004.
C. Turnout among African-Americans between 18 and 25 decreased from 2000 to 2004.
D. The polls stayed open later on Election Day in 2000.
E. In 2004, a referendum on lowering the legal age for purchasing alcohol to 18 was on the ballot.
Members of Congress should not be paid. After all, members of the school board receive no payment, and are therefore not beholden to any particular group. Which of the following facts most significantly weakens the above argument?
A. Members of Congress can also serve on the school board.
B. Being in Congress is a full-time job, while school board members have time to pursue other occupations.
C. Congress only is in session during part of the year.
D. Members of Congress typically have been successful in their prior professional lives.
E. Members of Congress are not allowed to show favoritism to any particular group.
All German cars are safe. Dale drives a German car, so his car is safe. Which of the following arguments contains logic that closely resembles that of the preceding argument?
A. The newest cars often get better gas mileage. Helen has a new car, which must get better gas mileage.
B. A few of the candidates for governor are women. Dr. Lopez is a woman.
C. No brands of natural peanut butter contain preservatives. The peanut butter in Dave’s cabinet contains preservatives.
D. Every shark has a tailfin. The hammerhead is a kind of shark and therefore has a tailfin.
E. Some days of the week are Saturdays and Sundays. Today is neither Saturday nor Sunday.
The Tigers football team usually loses when they score fewer than 30 points. In their game against the Wildcats, they scored 24 points. Which of the following statements would logically complete the argument with the above premises?
A. The Tigers lost to the Wildcats.
B. The Wildcats are the best football team in the league.
C. The Wildcats probably lost to the Tigers.
D. The Tigers are not a very good football team.
E. The Tigers probably lost to the Wildcats.


Here we will learn ,how to grasp the meaning of texts by Infering. We need to read between the lines and fully grasp the true meaning of what is being said.


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