SAP Sales and Distribution Online Test

What is the full-form of SAP and ECC?

What is the central organizational element in purchasing?

Explain the relationship

between sales organizations and plants.

Would you have different customer numbers if your customer was serviced by more than one company code?

Can you assign a material to more than one division?

Which are the two partner functions in SD that have to be maintained in FI

too ?

Do you find

any sales prices in the material master record?

What is a bill of material?

What are the physical location where the work centre works are carried out

Can you change addresses of partners

manually in the sales document?

Can you link

items in a sales order? If yes, when would you do that?

What is the main purpose of strorage/warehouse?

Can the delivery quantity and the picking quantity in the delivery document be -different?


somebody adds price elements manually in the sales order or if somebody changes a discount the system determined

automatically, do you have a possibility to see that in the sales order?

Do you have to create a condition record for taxes in the SD


When you create an invoice can you carry out pricing again?

Can one business area be valid for

several company codes?

What is the t-code for seeing tables in ECC6.0?

Once you have activated the company IMG can you still add modules/areas?

Can you make texts mandatory

for a customer master or a sales document?


SAP Software has got this module named Sales and Distribution.
Related to this module and SAP 20 question are given which to be completed in given time.
This are some of the general questions to be known by a SAP SD Consultant.
This question will qualify and indicated that the concern person has got basic know-how on SAP SD.

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