Aneesh's General Awareness For Bank test

1.Who has been appointed the Vice Chairman of the 19th Law Commission of India

NAV is normally used in respect of schemes floated by -------------

3.Who has been appointed the New Prime Minister of Jordan ?

4.Who is the India's first women finance secretary ?

5. Who is the new President of Myanmar ?

6.TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associated with -------- ?

7. Mutual Funds are regulated in India by which among the follwing ?

8. Who is the author of the book "Imagining India " ?

9. What is " DTAA" ?

10.Which of the following is one of the important "rates/ratios" decided by the RBI during its periodic policy reviews ?

11.Who has been honoured with Sydney Peace Medal ?

12. What is the position of india in the latest FIFA rankings ?

13. The term "Operation Aurora" is related to --------- ?

14. CASA ratio is used in which of the following industries ?

15. India,s Space Rocket Launching Centre is in -------?


This test consists of questions related to general awareness..
if i am capable enough to provide you with further material which might help. i have selected few questions from topics that i have learned in these few months. i hope you enjoy the test.It is a multiple choice test with no time limit...please attempt this test and give me your feedback..or any suggestion contact me 919895816170

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