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where was the charter of the United Nations signed?

who devised the name "UNITED NATIONS"?

ABN AMRO is a ?

apple cart us a work of?

who is the chief justice of India?

who was the first woman governor of India.

SCO stands for?

revolt of 1857, fall of delhi and after.. invovles

agha khan cup is given for

who won the mens single for french open 2011?

which among these are on the verge of extiction?

the century's longest lunar eclipse occured on?


few questions based on your general knowledge, i have selected few questions from topics that i have learned in these few months. i hope you enjoy the test and do give your feedback, it will be appreciated. i would like you to go through the test and see if i am capable enough to provide you with further material which might help. thank you.



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