Fundamentals of Software Testing

Which of the following is a major task of test planning?

Error guessing is best used:

Where may functional testing be applied:

What is beta testing?

The main focus of acceptance testing is:

In how many types the GUI files can be organised in WinRunner?

What is the command to invoke aaplication in WinRunner?

How many types of checkpoints are there in WinRunner?

In QTP, if an object with same name and description is located in both local object repository and in shared object repository that is associated with the same action, the action uses the __________ object definition.

In QTP, you can import and export object repositories from and to _____ files.

In QTP, to retrieve the current property value of objects an your application:

Which is the default data type of QTP?

Silk test is:

Which was the tool developed by HP for doing performance testing?

How many types of regression testing are there?


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