Current Affairs - India - Nov-2011 - Part2 Online Test

In which year the Yamuna action plan, a joint project of India and Japan for the restoration of river Yamuna has been started?

Recently the Union Cabinet of India has approved the reconstruction and repair of houses for the rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons in which country?

Name the first regional stock exchange in India to offer facility to trade on BSE, NSE along with its own exchange?

Athlete of the year award Male has been won by

UNESCO- Madanjeet Singh Prize for the promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence has been awarded to Anarkali Honaryar and Khaled Abu Awwad. They belong to which country?

Name the Rover launched by NASA that will scour Martian soils and rocks for signs of microbial life on the planet?

Government has marked which date as "National Education Day"?

Name the new Prime Minister of Greece.

The union cabinet has allowed how much foreign direct investment (FDI) in the pension sector in India?


This test is helpful for the civil service exam aspirants in India. Even banking exam aspirants can also attempt this. It contains the current affair matters of India.

Please feel free to comment on the questions if you find any ambiguities.

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