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If PAMT is written as QBNU, then CORD may be written as:

The term 'butterfly' refers to which sport?

Name the type of joint in the shoulder.

What is V.V.S. Laxman's highest score in test cricket?

Who is the first woman to go into the space?

Which Indian cricketer has scored 2 triple centuries?

Which Indian Cricketer is known as "Haryana Hurricane" ?

Where did Virat Kohli score his highest score and against which team?

Whichof the following helps to move turbinesat electric power stations to produce electricity?

Which of these processes does not absorb heat?

With which sport would you associte Deepika Padukone's father?

What is a shop that sell called?

Which Indian cricketer took all 10 wickets in a Test innings?

How many centuries Sachin Tendulkar has scored in the Indian Premiere League?

What is Sachin Tendulkar's highest score in the Indian Premiere League?


Hello! Friends.............This test is based on G.K. and science. This is a multiple choice test. You can learn a lot through this test. You have to select the choice that you think is to be correct. Then you have to click on next to preview the next question. You must think and answer all the questions as their are no time limits. After you have attempted all the questions you have to click on end test to submit your test and get your scorecard. You can review your answer also. This is a very easy test. Hope you would learn and enjoy...............


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