Easy In, On, At Test

1. The milk is _____ the fridge.

2. The book is _______ the table.

3. Where is Alice? She is _______ the library.

4. Her jacket is ______ her wardrobe.

5. Her jacket is _______ the bed.

6. Where is he? He is ______ work.

7. We are ______ the bus stop.

8. Your book is ______ the shelf.

9. The glasses are _______ the table.

10. The glasses are ______ the sink.

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The English prepositions IN, ON, AT are just three little words, but they cause students a lot of confusion.
Here is a basic level test on the prepositions IN, ON, AT. It is based on my class and accompanying powerpoint presentation which you can find here on WIZIQ.

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