Time Money Class 2 Math Online Test

The minute hand is pointing at .... minutes?

Joy come back from school at 3.00 ....? in afternoon.

Tina started walking to the beach at 6:15 pm. She reached the beach at 6:40 pm. How long did she take to walk to beach?

How LONG is the MOVIE?

1 hr 5 mins after 4 pm is ............?

How many Five Rupee notes you need to make 25 Rupees ?

if Ram have Rs 50 only then what all things he is able to Buy?

How much exact money Aditya need to buy the eraser and ball.

Ramesh give Rs 50 to shopkeeper to buy Book and Eraser, How much he expect to get it in return?

Sonali have only Rs 500 and she want to purchase one pair of shoes and one shirt for her brother. How much money she get it return if she give Rs 500/- note to shopkeeper.


Particular Topic for Olypaid prepartion for Class 2, Note Exam is on 8 December , Please check your school to get enroll your kid in school. The time related questions will help kid to learn and use watch , and money is importnat and we will use add subtract to learn more on money



Pawan Rastogi
To teach maths to my son via online system making it useful for other.
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