Quadratic Equations Online Test


then the value of


y is

Which of the following equations has two distinct real roots

The product of two consecutive odd natural numbers is 399. What is the sum of the digits of the greater number?

Which quadratic equation has roots as the abscissa and the ordinate of the point of intersection of the line x = 2 and the curve y = x - 3?

If a and ß are the roots of the quadratic equation x - ax + b = 0, then what is the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle whose perpendicular sides are a and ß respectively?

If the product of two consecutive positive even numbers is 840, then what is the sum of the numbers?

The quadratic equation


Which of the following equations has no real roots?

If 1/2 is a root of the equation

, then the value of k is

Which constant must be added or subtracted to solve the quadratic equation

by the method of completing the square?


Class X MCQ. This is test sessions who have completed the lesson Quadratic equation. This chapter contains questions covered in the topic Quadratic equation class X CBSE board.
It's an MCQ test related to the syllabus and the pattern required in the board exam.



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