Reflexology Test 1

Where is it beleived that Reflexology originated?

Why is this called Reflexology?

To which other natural therapy is reflexology closely related

Who is considered to have contributed the most to modern reflexology?

Native American tribes of North America consider the feet to be of paramount importance to bodily and spirtual health. Why is this?

Name two other peoples to have used forms of reflexology

Who was responsible for publicising Zone Therapy in th eearly part of the 20th century?

What systems ore responsible for Cleansing the Body?

When there are tender areas on reflex points on the feet, what does this signify

Who was Eunice Ingham? What were her related conclusions to Reflexology?


This is test #1 for the first class of my Reflexology Course. The answers are found throughout the classwork both in the PDF as well as the lecture. The test is not designed to trick anybody, and the answers are there if you if you will look inside the material.


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