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A major advantage of monoclonal antibodies compared to polyclonal antibodies is that monoclonal antibodies

Which of the following methods could be most readily employed to identify tryptophan?

All of the following statements about the fluid mosaic model of biological membranes are true EXCEPT

The KDEL sequence, found on luminal proteins of the ER, is responsible for

Red Blood corpuscles don’t have nucleus in

Meeting point of all metabolic pathway is

External ear contains a hard, flexible structure composed of

Transference of energy in animal cell is in the form of

The artery can be distinguished from the vein in having

To store blood for future transfusion some anticoagulant is added it can be

The respiration rate is lowest during

Papillary muscles are found in

Which of the following belongs to the class of Pepsin and trypsin

Blind spot does not contain

The lymph differs from the blood in having

Ontogenically origin of liver and pancreas is

Manifestation of masculin pattern in females due to hormonal effects is known as

Least concentration of urea present in

Most of the animals living in warm and humid climate possess dark pigmentation

Which of the following phospholipids is localized to a greater extent in the outer leaflet of the membrane lipid bilayer?

4. All the following processes occur rapidly in the membrane lipid bilayer except

4. HDL is synthesized and secreted from

Temperature dependent sex determination is observed in

2.Hawk's retina possesses a large number of

1.When prospective neuroectoderm from an early amphibian gastrula is transplanted in the prospective epidermal region of a recipient (early gastrula) embryo, the donor tissue will give rise to


This Sample Question Paper as per New Pattern will contain 25 Multiple questions on life sciences for CSIR NET 2011. Below each
question, four alternatives or responses are given. Only one of these alternatives is the "CORRECT‟ answer to the question.


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