Google Analytics - Level 1 - Interpreting Reports Online Test

In the help resources, what does the 'about this report' button do?

Why is it not generally useful to look at a single metric, such a pageviews, by itself?

How do you go about analysing trends?

How would you go about comparing number of visitors with bounce rate?

If you wanted to see if your pageviews were higher or lower than normal what would be the best way of doing this?

In which report would you find out information about which page most visitors left your site from?

If a person comes to your site, and views page 1 then page 2 and then returns to page 1, how many page views would this be classed as?

What is the difference between a pageview and a visit?

What is the maximum time a user must remain inactive on a website for a session or visit to end?

As a general rule, which of the following is correct in terms of the relationship between visits, visitors and pageviews?

In Google Analytics - What is the definition of a unique page view?

What does a high number of unique visitors but a low number of returning visitors to your site suggest?

Which of the following would be a reason for a site to have high bounce rates and low average times on site?

What does the "length of visit" report enable you to do?

Where can you find the length of visit report?

Which of the following allow more accurate time reporting for sites which make extensive use of Flash or other interactive technologies

Which of the following are shown as being direct traffic? buys $1000 worth of paid search AdWords for the term "Lady Gaga".

Part way through the campaign it was noticed that paid clicks landing on the page have a 95% bounce rate. What is one possible reson for this?

What is a referring site?

How can you lower the bounce rate for a landing page?

Navigation analysis reports can help you understand how people move through your site. Where can you find navigation analysis reports?

What is the main purpose of the navigation analysis reports?

In the navigation summary report, what does the percent entrances metric show?

What is the correct definition of the bounce rate?

If you have a high bounce rate on a landing page, which of the following would be the best explanation for this?

How can you determine whether an increase in average time on site actually reflects an increase in site interaction?

If a visitor accesses your site, goes to dinner without closing down their browser and returns one hour later to continue their visit on your site, which of the following would be how this is recorded by Google Analytics?

Web analytics data is never 100% accurate, given this, which of the following is the best use of web analytics?

Which visitors to your site will be reported as coming from "direct / (none)"?

How would you see what pages were visited before or after a specific page?


The purpose of this exam is to test your understanding of the basic reporting functions of Google Analytics.

- Review the study material provided before the test

- You can have Analytics open at the same time

70% pass rate required.

You will be asked to create a login after the exam to get your results.


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