bank clerk practice test

The conference of the Speakers and presiding officers of the commonwealt countries was organized recently in----

The rate on which banks borrow from the RBI is called

3, 19,115,691,?,24883

In a certain code "TORCH' coded as "IDSNS" and "PISTA" is coded as "BUTHO". How will 'BLINK' BE coded in the same code ?

Four teams,Team A,B,C and D participated in a tournament. Team C scored the least. Team B scored more than D but not as much as Team A. who amongst the four teams scored the third highest?

'Cup' is related to 'Crockery' in the same way as 'Pen' is related to

All dreams are fantasies.

Some fantasies are pleasant

All pleasant are everlasting

Some everlasting are memories


I. Some dreams are memories.

II. Some fanasies are evelasting.

Gives answer 1-conclusion 1 follow

gives answer 2-conclusion 2 follow

gives answer 3-if either conclusion I or conclusion II follows

gives answerr 4-if neither conclusion 1 nor conclusion II follows

gives answer 5 if both conclusions I and II follow..


this question consists of 12 question. all the question are important for the clerk exam. this papers consists of four parts-reasoning,arthmetic,computer and banking G.K. all the prepared to the exam purpose. so please try all the questions. In every questions, there are fours or five options are given as come in the bank clerk exam. I take help from come competition clerk exam for the question papers.



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Q 3,19,115,391,?,24883

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